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Turn-ons: It excites me to touch my vagina, bath my body in oil, kiss my tits, spank my ass, penetrate me hard while you touch yourself, move my tits up and down, ride my dildo.


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Turn-ons: I am excited by a man who brings me to orgasm with her way of penetrating me, that her tongue slides over my clitoris and at the same time her fingers play inside my vagina that all my fluids end up on her face, that allows.


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Favorite kind of sex: doggy style/ COWBOY / SHALLOW MOUTH / DOMINANT STYLE.


Turn-ons: It warms me a dominant man who tells me everything he wants to do and take him to practice when we are alone, I can be very accommodating because it is your submissive is for me it is a pleasure, it warms me that you look at my big sinuses and you wa

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This is AlejaDiamond

I'm AlejaDiamond!

Howdy sugar pie, dirty talk?

If you want to have fun with a 75-85-90 body, blonde haired, hazel eyed sex pot then look no further! I'm picturing your cum, and mine. I'm waiting for you on my hands and knees. Missing your dirty talk already.

Missing your dirty talk already.

Age: 34

Eye Color: Hazel

Sex: female

Favorite Position: all

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight: 54

Height: 160

Preference: bisexual

Ethnicity: Latin

AlejaDiamond AlejaDiamond AlejaDiamond AlejaDiamond